Monday, December 19, 2011

Off To Paradise...Or Not?

We spent the weekend packing and cleaning the house for our upcoming trip to Montego Bay, Jamaica.  We drove down late Sunday night after I got out of work to stay at my dad's house (which is about halfway between Big Rapids and Detroit Metro Airport).

Hitting the road

We got up at 5:30am and made our way down to the airport. We arrived about 45 minutes before our flight was supposed to take off.  We got in the line that we were told to get in just to find out we needed to be in a different line. We moved to the new line and waited for what seemed to be forever just to find out that we were in the right line at first and had to go back to that line. We scanned our passports at the kiosk just to find out that we had missed the boarding pass deadline by literally 1 minute. This is when everything got crazy.  We went up to the desk to ask them for help.  We stood at the desk for a over half an hour while the people behind the desk kept explaining to us that we couldn't get on the flight that was still on the ground and would have to wait overnight and lose a night of our honeymoon trip.  To top it all off, we even got to watch the plane we were supposed to be on take off a half an hour after we got to the help desk. I haven't been on many flights, but it's hard for me to believe that we wouldn't have been able to get on that flight with over a half an hour before take-off, but maybe I'm wrong.

After several hours of back and forth between the airlines and the resort customer service (over the phone) we were finally able to get our tickets and honeymoon dates changed.  We are both very grateful that they both worked with us to get it fixed, even though it was extremely frustrating and could have been easily avoided.

Alyssa taking a nap after our 4 hour ordeal at the airport

So, we are parking out at the Holiday Inn for the night and taking off for the airport at 4:30am tomorrow. I just hope we don't have any more issues this trip.

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